RZO Kava Kava Drink

RZO Kava Drink

What Is RZO Kava Drink?

  • Relaxation drink

    There is literally nothing like RZO Kava Drink in the market today.  It’s 8.4 ounces of kava and orange juice, apple juice, and splash of lemon and lime all blended together in just the right way, forming a fun, relaxing, and completely unique experience.

  • Kava Root

    Premium Vanuatu kava extracted under high quality control standards.  If you’re as conscientious of what you put in your body as we are, you won’t be disappointed. Only the best.

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People Love It


    Kava has been used in drinks for centuries by Pacific Islanders to help relieve stress at the end of a busy day. With a track record of over three millennia we could choose no better.


    We insisted on making every ingredient all-natural, safe, and effective. We use kava for relaxation (a proven method of relaxation without sacrificing mental clarity), Stevia for flavoring (a low calorie, organic sweetener), lots of juices and anti-oxidants. Nothing else.


    Our kava drink tastes great. Its relaxing effects are noticeable and work fast. It has no more calories than a glass of orange juice with healthy, safe ingredients. Nothing compares to it. Nothing else is RZO.